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Like a Stitch in the Side is concerned with the symptoms and motivations of the gym participant. With the notion of optimisation and the female form. Where pleasure, self-care and spirituality are advertised as acts of self-improvement. Evoking memories of athletic awards and swimmers badges, the figures approached in this visual series play with markers of achievement.


An integral figure to this project is the visual of the racer swimming costume. Digitally unpicked and reconstructed, the costume takes on an array of characters as it absorbs anecdotal influences from current trends on body improvement, moving through figures and themes broached by artists and writers. This series takes athleisure as a costume that wraps, captures, and characterises the inhabitants within a constructed world. Through digitally restitching these garments, the tactile and ubiquitous language of the gyms’ surfaces is met with a process that is associated with craft and women’s work. Punctuated between badges and reconstructed surfaces are close-ups of the body. Of generic artificial surfaces and a taxonomic fascination with zips, seams, fastenings, and lace.

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